Friday, October 17, 2008

My Kid's Keep Me On My Toes!

What would I do without my children keeping up to date! They also keep me rolling in the aisles laughing. Thank goodness Kristin didn't have any pictures to post (or she would have) because that WOULDN'T have been cute! The boob smooshing was nothing compared with the doctor exam that came after. I hate those. Thankfully I like my doctor or I might not ever go. He promised to take good care Adrienne and my grandbabies next week. I'm very excited about the twins coming! I can't wait to hold them and to smell thier sweet baby smells. Nothing better than nestling down in thier little necks. Most of all, I am so happy for Adrienne and Lee. It has been a long time coming! We are so blessed.

I guess that's all the news! Kristin took care of the rest for me. Maybe I could hire her? Ghost blogger or something like that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes! It's an update!

I love my mommy but she sure doesn't keep up on her blog very well so i'm doing an intervention! I called dad to get her password and he had to finagle it out of her. She claims her life is too boring to write about. I beg to differ! Here's a few things she's been up to. She just finished the new book by Robin Cook- she hasn't said if it was good or not but I'm assuming she thoroughly enjoyed it seeing that Robin Cook is one of her favorite authors...I've been trying to get Darcy to read one of my favorite books by him "Toxin" for the last 5 years and I think this might be the year because he downloaded the book onto his phone! Anyways, Kaitlin just went to Homecoming and I know my mom helped her get ready and stressed over her way cute dress. She's busy with Tenley and her playing soccer, mom says she's really good! I know she's working on her next enrichment gig something to do with glass etching and priesthood line of authority, maybe she'll let us know how that'll go...MAYBE! But the biggest thing is that her life is about to turn upside down with the anyday arrival of twin grandbabies! They will be here for sure by next Tuesday and mom will have a lot to do! I bet her life won't be boring anymore and she'll have plenty to blog about! Oh and she went to the boob doctor today and got smooshed! but I bet she wouldn't tell you that! Love you mom! don't erase this!