Friday, August 22, 2008

O'HANA (family of) SISTERS

O'hana (family of) Sisters! That was the theme of our Enrichment Night Luau. I'm the Enrichment leader (not my favorite calling) and I worried about this event all summer long. I don't know why I worried so much. I have a great committee and with every ones help everything turned out so nice. We had a yummy chicken pasta salad with pineapple and grapes, Hawaiian sweet rolls and melon flowers for garnish, floats with Hawaiians Own juice, 7up and coconut pineapple ice cream, and macadamia nut white chocolate cookies. Our friend Matt Hutcheson went to Hawaii a couple of weeks before the event and brought home boxes of chocolate macadamia nuts that we were able to break down into favors that the sisters took home and also used them as part of our centerpieces. We also had a fun program.

I must admit, I'm glad it's over with! You would think I wouldn't have to worry about anything for awhile but NO, I'm already worried about the next thing coming up in November. Arrggg! I just can't turn it off!

Food Storage

I am so excited! I've been wanting to can meats for awhile now and I finally did it. Or I should say Mike and I did it. We have 12 pints of chicken canned and ready to put on the shelf. It was so easy! I found fresh chicken breast on sale for $1.69 per pound and bought 13lbs or so and put those lovely breasts into the jars with a little salt and pressure canned them. It was as easy as that! Because the chicken is in glass as opposed to metal, they will have a much longer shelf life and will taste a whole lot better! I am definitely going to do more and will be looking for a sale on beef.